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We had a prepper mindset for a long time before we actually took any action. These are the things that knocked us off our happy little place straddling on the fence. Get Off The Fence! 

My hope is that you would bookmark this page and keep coming back to it, following the links to learn all you can. When you're done, go do the same for my "Resources" tab.

I read this "One-Hour Meltdown" Yikes!

I read this blog for about 2 hours: Survival Mom

I read news articles about the water shortage in CA, and the nationwide food shortage it can lead to. In addition this happened in MA and was an example to all about the fragility of potable city water. Learn about the on-demand restocking that is normal in all our stores. Most stores get completely restocked every 3 days, with no inventory on-hand. What if that supply chain gets disrupted?

I blog-hopped prepper blogs for a few days, following their links. Here are a few:

Should you move to the middle of nowhere? I think no, unless you live in/near these cities, but you have to decide for yourself.

"but what if nothing happens?"

This short video had a lot to do with knocking me rudely out of ignorance:

Go to the National Inflation Association and get on their email list. Share their videos. Here are two. If you only have time for one, watch the first one. Here is an article that concurs, but focuses on Russia.