My hope is that you have already read my "Begin Now" tab and that you're going to bookmark this page and keep coming back to it, and learn as much as you can by following the links.

Why are you prepping? Read Survival Mom's Who's Who.

Excellent start at building your pantry on $10 a week.

Preparedness Pro is an excellent, rational, panic-free authority.

Rawles' Lists for Survival Newbies

**Read about historical hyperinflation in Germany and Zimbabwe.

**Argentina has gone through what many suspect will happen here. Learn from example.

Learn about ham radio! It's not a dying hobby... link.

The best all-inclusive, 12-topic plan-starter I've seen: HERE (start at the bottom and work up)

Coming soon to a planet near you... Solar EMP: learn here and here.

Caution: don't fall too far on either side of the prepper spectrum.

Be "prepared, not panicked"

Read their answers. Watch their videos. Learn at National Inflation Association.

Find a local LDS (Mormon) Food Storage Store: excellent prices, no shipping, don't have to attend their church. There are more than are listed so call!