Friday, October 25, 2013

Thankful for pre-collapse medical care!!

Well, I am back. I have had quite a year. 

My husband was driving early in the evening last New Year's Eve, a few miles from our house, going about 45 mph. A dually pickup truck left oncoming traffic, crossed a median and oncoming traffic and hit my husband's van.

He was trapped in our van for 52 minutes before the jaws of life could get him out. He was taken by ambulance to a nearby trauma center. He sustained a punctured and lacerated left eyeball, and heavy trauma to his entire body including shearing forces on his very brain cells. He had 15 bones and sinuses broken on the left side of his face. He had broken ribs, his scapula, sternum, left hip and pelvis, left thighbone and knee, both wrists, left forearm and left upper arm shattered. He was in a drugged sedation in ICU for 3 weeks, airlifted, and in-patient rehab for a month. 

He has continued in his recovery very well. He is walking with a cane, swimming, and cooking seated by the stove. 

I couldn't help but thinking that he would certainly, certainly died if this happened after a collapse or before modern trauma centers. He has ingested huge quantities of painkillers this year. He was on IV antibiotics for over a month. He had an intubation, tracheotomy, feeding tube, 29 bones set with plates, rods, pins, screws. Round-the-clock skilled nursing. I can't even imagine what life would've been like without painkillers this year. 

If you want to read about his recovery you can here at http://james   dear7.  monday-december-31-2012.html Copy and paste that URL and take out the spaces I added. Just keep pushing "newer posts" and you can read it all chronologically.

But now for the past few months, maybe two, I've been able to take my focus off of James' injuries and turn my attention to our preparations again. Preparations for what seems like a nation fast-forwarding to disaster! I have felt sort of panicky lately as I see China moving in, positioning to change the world trade currency to anything other than the dollar. I can't believe what idiots our government look like to any and everyone!

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