Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Finally a Post After Baby is Born

Do you remember why I am making plans to move? A nuclear research facility 11 miles from my house. If the grid went down for any reason, it's too close for comfort. Here is a comment from when Sandy came through:

One final comment for the preppers of the world: The Oyster Creek nuclear power plant confirmed near-total cooling pump failure, and power failure. The back-up diesels saved the day on the spent fuel pool. Salem I, which had the emergency steam release, has been quiet. No further news that I can find. In a real long-term grid down scenario… there are more than a hundred nuclear power plants/reactors in the US alone. And so I ask, with all seriousness, are we doomed under such circumstances regardless of our plans? (SurvivalBlog)  

Regarding the election, I read a transcript of something Rush Limbaugh said. I had been in quiet mourning and was confused about HOW our nation could re-elect this man. He said (my summary) Romney was campaigning on a platform of '50s values and how hard work can better your situation, whereas Obama was campaigning on a platform of "life's not fair- I will take from those who have and give to you." and who's not going to vote for Santa Claus?! Also a friend emailed me:

I guess I am more angry now than anything. I was studying recently about the Egyptian plagues and after Pharaoh was warned about the death of the firstborn, he still refused to obey God and Moses went away angry, furious it says. I was asked why do you think he was angry? My thoughts were "because the pain and destruction that God has promised was avoidable. All that was needed was a repentant heart, but because he refused much suffering was coming". That is how I feel now. There comes a point where the ark door is sealed and the flood will come. Obama is right about one thing, we are no longer a 'Christian nation'. It is a shame we will not return until the persecution is overwhelming. 

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