Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Do-It-Yourself Ear Care

Our family seems prone to high earwax production.

Mmmm. Nice topic, huh?

Whereas my husband's genes cause his ears to self clean, ie, he has wax that come down the ear canal on its own, my side seems to produce stubborn (thicker?) wax which stays put, blocking the canal and causing hearing loss.

Ear candling is seen by some as a method to suck or vacuum ear wax out of the ear canal. After some research and using an ear candle (two, actually) myself, I think this is totally false.

I was suffering from hearing loss especially in my right ear and tried at-home remedies to dislodge what I assumed was a wax blockage. This happened to me as a child and I went in to the doctor, who patiently and repeatedly irrigated my ears with warm water. I think this is the best method to maintain or clear your ears.

Ear candles are simply a home remedy for earache, sinusitis, ringing in the ears, inner ear imbalance problems, etc. Ear candling is being used as an experimental treatment for a wide variety of ailments. As with other home remedies, results vary from user to user. (Colonial Ear Candle Co.) 

When my son was going through a phase when he had repeated ear infections, I spoke with my doctor  about purchasing an (check out this ridiculous Japanese device!) otoscope so I could avoid coming in to the office so often. She said I could, but that mastering the use of it is a challenge. She said it was quite a while after many patients before she could identify the different views of an eardrum.

I think, as with so many items in prepping, if you had the opportunity to get a certain "prep" at the right price then you should. Even if you don't necessarily know how to use it, one day you may be able to incorporate a person with skills but no equipment into your group.

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