Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Review of The Survivalist Blog

I have been following The Survivalist Blog for two years, and have witnessed the growth of not only the website, but its followers as well. It was one of the first blogs I read when I left the ranks of the Sheeple. It has continued to appeal to me through the different phases in my prepping journey.

First, Mr. Creekmore seems to be a caring and conscientious editor. He gives his readers regular updates on his life while remaining OPSEC aware, not an easy task. These insights personalize the blog, and prevent it from being only an instructional tool. He has a PayPal button on his site, and always gives a hearty thank you to those who donate. In addition, he tells us how the donations further his own preps, which show his readers not only that he uses the donations responsibly, but give readers a product review to look forward to!

Second, The Survivalist Blog seems to follow the format of Rawles' Survival Blog in some ways, but remains different in a few key ways. It remains similar by frequently hosting guest articles on a variety of topics. This allows preppers who don't blog to share their vast range of skills and specialties in a public forum. It gives The Survivalist Blog's readers a lot of "written voices" to enjoy. It spreads experience and knowledge for the benefit of all of us. Also it is similar because like Rawles' "Odds and Sods," Mr. Creekmore posts updates, links, thank-yous, and commentary of his own. However, it may be two differences (from Rawles' blog) that I enjoy the most.

The first difference is that The Survivalist Blog allows comments and pictures or diagrams. The community that has grown in the comment section of The Survivalist Blog not only shares knowledge but also rejoices together in small achievements. It's evident that the commenting community has gotten to know each other and it always has a respectful tone. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and frequently a choice diagram can take the place of excessive written explanation. I must be a "visual learner" because I am sometimes frustrated by the lack of diagrams on Rawles' blog.

The other difference I appreciate is the lack of excessive doom and gloom. Although Mr. Creekmore has chosen a retreat-and-defend emphasis for his own preps, he isn't as stringent in his insistence for his readers to take the same approach. Simply leaving the rank of Sheeple and awakening to the fragility of our nation is terrifying for most of us. It doesn't help to then be confronted with every article, link, map and commentary reinforcing that. Sometimes just taking the next step for your family is the only thing you can do. Mr. Creekmore and his guest articles encourage fellow preppers to learn skills and do the next right thing. Rawles tells you to move to Idaho and buy expensive night vision goggles, whereas on The Survivalist Blog you are congratulated for buying another box of .22 ammo and locating all the natural bodies of water near you.

All in all, I continue to read and enjoy Mr. Creekmore's The Survivalist Blog because it is encouraging and useful. Although my mindset and prepping activities have changed and matured over the last few years, the content and positive attitude found there have kept me coming back.

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kelley said...

Yes Rawles is still the #1 guy I'd take to a gun fight. Also Mr. Rawles though he lives in Idaho which I might add is a great state to live in if TSHTF and for all we know creekmore might be his neighbor BUT Mr. Rawles does not want you to live in Idaho He does stress to live in a Area with a low people density per mile. They are both good men and Mr. creekmore seems to be a little more people friendly BUT I've gotten personal answers to my questions when I write Mr. Rawles I can not say the same about Mr creekmore.