Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beginning a Local Prepper Network: My Unfolding Story

I have recently become aware of 4 women in my circles who are also preppers. I wanted to create a local group to share fellowship and skills but I didn't know if any of them did. So I sent out this email to see how they felt about the topic. I've taken out any details and left it in the casual tone I wrote it in, as I know these women already.

I had a few things in mind as I was writing it to keep each of them comfortable. I sent the email to them individually, not as a cc or bcc, so that their emails/ names would be kept apart. I didn't assume anything about their focus or knowledge. I made it clear that this wouldn't be a "women's" group but a team of couples.

I've been thinking, I've "identified" 4 women in ____ besides me who are "preparing for the zombie apocalypse." I am sending out 3 emails to these women (cut & paste, exactly what you're getting- uh, cause you're one of the 4) to see if anyone is interested in beginning to create a local group of like-minded friends. Sometimes I feel lonely not having anyone local to share/ learn skills with, trade books with, etc etc. The internet is great but not conducive to girly conversation. Not that any of us are particularly "girly." 

An important part of this is incorporating our husbands and their skills into it. I'd like to propose that we make it a habit to get together at least once a month and practice canning veggies or suturing a chicken breast (then grilling it and having dinner) or giving oral book reports about some cool book or going to the range together or ironing Mylar together over a cup of coffee. 

Open to ideas. Please talk to your husband and let me know.

Then after I had received responses, I sent out the following email. I wanted to have our first meeting be a time of sharing where we came from and where we stood. Partially because I didn't know all these answers for all the women, and definitely so that all of us could see the different focus/ skills/ mindset of the others.

All three of you would like to create a support group of some kind! I was thinking we could choose an upcoming date to meet and introduce ourselves etc. When we do meet, the 6 adults could be prepared with a list of the following: 

1. when you woke up to a problem- what is the problem? 
2. your biggest concern/ what you deem the most likely threat 
3. a list of your assets or skills - tangible or knowledge 
4. your biggest weakness 
5. any plan or steps you have taken to lessen effects of _____  
6. resources you've found helpful that others can use/ investigate 

I think it's important for us to make these lists individually, as opposed to making one as a family unit. What are your thoughts? I think since we are just meeting we could be vague or general about some things as to maintain a level of confidence since we are just meeting and considering one another. 

Please forward this email to your husbands so they can read it. Please tell me if I'm jumping the gun/ assuming anything. etc etc. Let the rest of us know if you know of anyone who may be interested in joining us.

At this point, that's all that has happened. I'm not going to publish the responses I received, of course, but the women were interested and excited to meet and share skills. One said her husband was less gung-ho than she. Another said she had to wait a few months. But I am excited to get the ball rolling.

Reading Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse by James Wesley, Rawles was the impetus for trying to get these people together. I was intrigued by the teamwork of the Group in the book. They were comfortable with one another and knew where each other stood, a benefit I can see the value of if TSHTF and you needed people with you. I don't know if this group is going to go that direction, we all live in the suburbs at this point, but it's what got me thinking.

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Chief Instructor said...

I look forward to reading more about this as it blossoms. Too many of my friends quite simply don't care. They're just too busy with life to worry about not having food to eat or water to drink. "We'll just come over to your house". My God, what a nightmare scenario!

I'd love to hear what approaches you use with the spouses that aren't all on board, and whether they're successful. I'm stumped right now!

Anonymous said...

So cool! I want to join!
Texas Kelly