Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WHY Would You Want to Ex-Patriate?

Hm, such a big question for such a small space.

There are so many reasons why we decided to begin this adventure. There are 3 main reasons we want to travel in Central America for a few months and check it out in person:
  1. adventure, encouraging family unity
  2. learn Spanish and show the kids other cultures
  3. escape coming inflation on a fixed income
We really want our kids to be close as they get older and learn to depend on one another. One day James and I won't be here, and they'll have each other. I've always told them "Don't hit him! One day he'll give you guy advice or help change your car's oil!" and "Don't hit her! One day she'll help you decorate your apartment and give you girl advice!"

A long trip in a foreign land, with new sights and sounds, new modes of transportation and unfamiliar foods, coupled with exciting activities and new experiences are bound to help us foster family unity. Working together to reach savings goals and then settling in new places with just each other is going to be a huge rewarding adventure.

Since our house flooded in September of 2010 we have been displaced and ready to move. We've been getting rid of things and seeing what is important to us, what we really value and what we're actually attached to emotionally. We're looking for the perfect property for our family as we check items off our credit repair checklist. But as the time stretches on, we realize that this might be the perfect time to take a long sabbatical from everyday life. We don't have a mortgage, we have a monthly VA stipend, and our dog died. It's the perfect time to go somewhere!


Regarding number two, Learning Spanish and about other cultures:

We homeschool so we are comfortable teaching our own kids. We are confident in our ability to teach and their abilities to learn. What better way to really learn a language and it's cultures than traveling to that place?! So much more efficient and fun than looking at a library book and making a meal from a recipe!

Here's what we do in our homeschool for Spanish study. We are looking at the financial side of in-depth, native speaker, family lessons here in Texas, and I'm researching immersion schools in Central America.


Regarding number three, inflation:

James was declared 90% disabled through the Veteran's Administration in 2011. Although he is considering medication and behavioral therapy, right now it looks like he may not be capable of working fulltime in the near future. If our family of 6 is on a fixed income, how will we survive if hyperinflation hits us? Borrowing money and printing money to pay interest on debt is coming back to get us if not this year, then the next.

Argentina has gone through what many suspect will happen here. Learn from example.

The Difference Between the Collapse of the USSR vs the USA- we're worse off!

Read about historical hyperinflation in Germany and Zimbabwe- America is not immune to what has happened elsewhere.

As the global economies falter, we can remember that it's not just America's dollar that is collapsing. At no other time in history has the economies of so many countries been tied together... Almost all countries are inflating their currencies and (NIA) expect to see massive worldwide inflation, although it will be much worse in the U.S. than almost anywhere else.

This short video had a lot to do with knocking me rudely out of ignorance:

Go to the National Inflation Association to learn more.

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