Monday, January 9, 2012

Info on Becoming An Ex-Pat in Honduras

US.GOV website about travelling to Honduras

Excellent article about the Honduran mindset regarding crime, narcotrafficking, and other analysis of crime in Honduras. Primarily a reflection on how they cope with high crime.

Lonely Planet online guide to Honduras

Here is the topographic map of Honduras. The country is roughly the shape of an upside-down triangle. You can see it is a rather mountainous country with a coast on both the Caribbean and Pacific sides. It is bordered  by Guatemala to the northwest, El Salvador to the southwest and Nicaragua to the east.

Here is the regional map of Honduras

Here is a list of Honduran Bloggers

Honduras has four airports, and the international one is in Tegucigalpa, code TGU

If you want to be a part of Honduras but can't go, or you know you're going soon and want to have someone there to visit, think about sponsoring a child through World Vision.

A local organization called Helping Honduras Kids is located outside of La Cieba and has many different ways for you or your church to help. Check them out!

A well-known blogger, author of La Gringa's Blogicito has lived in La Cieba since 2001.

Water Ferry between Belize and Honduras, a good idea if you are interested in avoiding Guatemala altogether.

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