Monday, January 9, 2012

Info on Becoming An Ex-Pat in Guatemala

Lonely Planet online guide to Guatemala

US.GOV website about travelling to Guatemala

Here is a topographic map of Guatemala. You can see that it is quite mountainous in the southern portion. It has a tiny Caribbean coast. There is a straight vertical border to the east with Belize. To the north and east is Mexico and the western border is met to the north by Honduras and to the south by El Salvador. There is a large lake, Lago de Izabal, near the Caribbean coast. Four of Guatemala's volcanoes are currently active.

Here is a regional map of Guatemala

Here is a list of bloggers from Guatemala

Guatemala City has an international airport, code GUA

If you want to be a part of Guatemala but can't go, or you know you're going soon and want to have someone there to visit, think about sponsoring a child through World Vision.

I met Maria and Norm in high school and was all set to go to Kids 2 Kids Outreach after I graduated, but I converted from Catholicism to Biblical Christianity and went to the Air Force instead. However, they do lots of work to help the people of Guatemala and are worth checking out so that you or your church can support the people. Check out their big-picture organization, Hope for Rio Dulce. They're located on the Rio Dulce off the Caribbean coast. They are not presently taking volunteers due to violence in the area.

Crime in Guatemala:
US Embassy report of crimes

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