Monday, January 9, 2012

Info on Becoming An Ex-Pat in Costa Rica

Lonely Planet online guide to Costa Rica

US.GOV website about travelling to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is in south Central America, north of Panama and south of Nicaragua. As you can see, Costa Rica is covered in mountains and volcanoes. There is a coast on the both the Caribbean and the Pacific sides.

When you travel in or around Costa Rica, the country is divided into regions, but the provinces' names do not match up to these region's names:

Here's an Anywhere map that can change region and focus! Really great map.

Here's a list of Costa Rica bloggers... whew! there's a lot of them.

Costa Rica has three international airports.
  1. Liberia, north towards Nicaragua near the Pacific Coast (airline code LIR)
  2. San Jose, the capital, centrally located in the mountains (airline code SJO)
  3. Puerto Jimenez, south near Panama on the Pacific side (airline code PJM)

Here is an interesting and informative article comparing and contrasting Nicaragua and Costa Rica, although it lists many statistics from other Central American countries as well. It's focus is that Costa Rica has a powerful PR machine, and Nicaragua doesn't. Interesting!

If you want to be a part of Costa Rica, but can't go, or if you know you're going soon and want to have someone to visit when you get there, look into sponsoring a child there through World Vision.

Lonely Planet has a bargain pack that includes three great books here. Individually from Amazon they are:

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