Friday, January 6, 2012

Info For Considering Becoming An Ex-Pat in Central America

"My Goodness, But Eating Hot Nachos Causes Pain!" That's what I learned in grade school to help me remember the names and roughly, the order (west-east) of the Central American countries.

(Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama)

Except for Belize (officially English), the language of Central America is Spanish, although many indigenous languages are also used.

The US dollar is pegged to Ecuador, Panama, and Belize. Gives me concerns when I think about the probable future of the dollar.

Here is the CDC site with recommended vaccinations based on destination.

Here is a Hostel search site. It has great maps and reviews, descriptions and online reservations. It lists the price clearly- per person. I enjoyed zooming in on the map and mentally planning my itinerary, and then switching countries and seeing the red flags (denoting hostels) in the new country. You need to spend time in your destination country before you decide to go, and hostels are one way to stretch your money so that you can spend a real amount of time with real people.

Travel insurance- what kinds, what they doSquaremouth is the most recommended travel insurance comparison site. But get it, at least for the first year.

If you are interested in getting certification to teach English, here is a list of schools in Central America. It is from Oxford Seminar TESOL website. They have classes on weekends only that work in conjunction with a thorough online course. After the test you have a 100-hour certification accepted at education centers all over.

If you're curious about how your life would compare to other countries in the world, check out this comparison website. "If It Were My Home" It also shows the size of the country compared to your home nation.

*Be sure to read my post about gaining residency or citizenship through your child's birth: Jus Soli

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