Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Growing Tobacco: Last Barter Idea for Preppers

I spent a tiny amount of concern for the fact that I haven't and won't be able to spend resources on a barter store... you know, calcium hypochlorite, alcohol, cigarettes, primers, chapstick, sewing needles, etc etc. All that stuff that the sheeple will need when the SHTF.

Then I read an article on Rawle's Survival Blog that reiterated what the little voice in my head had said in the background... It's called Post Collapse Barter; the Rest of the Story by DTR. His point, for me, was twofold:

1. "Am I more ahead to use resources to plug holes and strengthen our prepping position today, as opposed to using those same resources to lay in tradable items?"

2. "So, [preppers] have extra everything so [sheeple] really don’t have anything that we need and certainly nothing that is mission critical that we would trade high value items for."

Then I watched a whole long bunch of YouTube videos on growing, drying, and fermenting your backyard tobacco.

I thought a stand of home-processed tobacco might be the only thing I'll be willing to set aside for the sheeple I'll need- the builder, the plumber, the dentist, etc. Since we don't smoke (thus no personal demand), and historically cigarettes fetch a very high demand in times of stress, and that it is a small and easily stored item, I think it's do-able.

Here's the link to his channel on YouTube.

If you go to Ebay and search "Virginia Tobacco" or "Havana Tobacco" his seeds will come up for sale, free shipping and 100 seeds for $3.

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