Friday, December 30, 2011

Safe Tea-Light Illuminator

I did a little experiment.

I was trying to go to sleep the other night and couldn't because of a large bright glowing on my end table. I usually face the digital clock to the wall to avoid it. However, not only was it facing me, but there was a gallon jug of water in front of it. This acted as a diffuser of sorts and made the light much less focused and more bright.

I immediately got a prepper idea.

I cut the top off a gallon jug, leaving the handle. I filled it half way with water. Then I put a rock in a mason jar and filled it with sand until the top was flat. I put a tealight on the sand. Then I put the mason jar into the gallon jug with the water, and lit the tea light.

It diffused the light beautifully! To continue the scientific method, I went into a dark walk-in closet and lit a tea light. Ok. Then I lit the tea light in the jug- huge difference!

Now this isn't the kind of light you can read by, but it's enough to light the table for conversation, mark the steps, or other low-light uses. It's about as safe as a lit candle can get, being in the jar, in the jug of water! The gallon's handle made it easy to tote around.

I think I will save a few gallon jugs, strung on a cord, in the rafters of the attic or garage, just-in-case.

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