Saturday, November 19, 2011

When Crossing the Mississippi

I went on a road trip to North Carolina this month. I had to cross the Mississippi River with my four kids 10 and under. Of course, I had a box in the trunk with water, jumper cables, some rope, a first aid kit, and some MREs. In my purse I always carry a folding knife that has a window breaker and strap cutter on it. When I crossed the Atchafalaya River Basin Bridge- a 17 mile expanse of one-way bridge spanning a few swamps and bayous- I had it on my lap. It gives me peace of mind.

Reading about earthquakes and fault lines, flooding and freezing, I wondered if we would face any disasters on our journey. We didn't, but my mama's mind tends to grab an anxiety and run with it. So I thought I'd share my idea since this is the one place I can!

I imagined that something happened to the car- or the country- and for some reason I had to get my kids across the river myself. After much thought I decided I would take them Swiss Family Robinson style- in home made life preservers. I would wrangle up some cranberry juice bottles or 2 liter bottles and make floaties. I looked and looked on the internet for a good image but this is all I could find. If you remember when they went back to salvage everything from the wrecked ship, they made slings between two barrels and put each of the farm animals into the sea like that, to assist their buoyancy as they swam to shore.

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Chief Instructor said...

Great topic for me. I live near the Sacramento delta. In almost any direction I would take that is away from large population centers, I need to cross bridges. Lots of them. I've got them all identified on our bug out maps, but if one is compromised, it could get ugly, quick.

Great. Now I need to add, "flotation devices" to my preps ;-)

Thanks for the ideas!