Thursday, November 17, 2011

Materials for Sun Oven from PetSmart!

I went to PetSmart with my son to buy crickets for his lizard. In case you don't know, crickets are sold next to the fish department. When we walked up, the employees were unloading a pallet of fish that had just been delivered. Each cardboard box was double-lined with these reflective bubble envelopes so that the fish would be kept at the right temperature during their shipping time. I asked the employee if I could have the ones she had just unpacked- she gave me a sideways look and said "No problem." I asked her how often they got new fish and she said nearly every day!

Blogger that I am, I immediately thought that you should know that this free resource is probably available anywhere near you where you can buy fish for your home aquarium- a great place to have last-ditch water, I might add! Our two fish tanks have over 80 gallons of water right on display.

This material is good for many uses, here are a few I thought up- please add more in the comments!

  • in a cardboard box oven, you could line the box (behind the tinfoil) with this to insulate it
  • reflect heat from your windows during hot weather
  • in cold weather, turn it around and make an insulating pocket of air
  • use it as the reflective material for a homemade sun oven

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Urbivalist Dan said...

Way to be resourceful!

the sun oven is incredible!