Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Thoughts

We got passports for our family of six, last month. Whew! To the tune of nearly $700, this was a big expense. We are also ramping up our homeschool studies of Spanish. These are small steps to prepare ourselves for what may seem, even to preppers who entertain extreme ideas on a daily basis, an extreme idea- that of expatriating.

We spent three weeks in Costa Rica on our honeymoon. We lived in Arteaga, Mexico, (near to Saltillo, near Monterey)  for over a month before that. My husband and I have a good grasp of Spanish and are now beginning with more rigor to pass that to the kids.

Right now we are planning a family vacation to Central America. Our plan, right now, is to spend one month in each country familiarizing ourselves with the area, people, and residency laws. We don't plan on being tourists, hauling cameras, speaking English, and elbowing our way about tourist attractions. We plan on renting a home and continuing our homeschool lifestyle while we are there, shopping at the market etc.We are culling and disposing of some of our belongings here each week to lesson what we own. We'll see what happens.

Because the economic situation here in the US has entangled the economies of nearly every country on earth, we know that a collapse of the dollar will have repercussions worldwide. We are trying to figure out where may be safer than another to protect our family.

We're so pleased you are reading Farming Salt & Light! Choose how you live!


Anonymous said... has a list of all countries in the world and they rank the list by scoring the liberties still available to the citizens there.

Choosing a country made easier.

Anonymous said...

I miss reading your blog. I hope you are ok.