Saturday, August 6, 2011

Comfort Food

Dried a bag of frozen okra yesterday, frozen dries so much nicer than fresh. Anyway, it dried up to less than a half-sandwich bag. I'm putting it with a can of shrimp and crab meat so that my hubby can make up a big pot of gumbo as comfort food one day.

I also dried a 10# can of sweet potatoes. They were, of course, cooked. The can filled my dehydrator. (and two more trays, so I ended up drying a tray of the okra, above.) I cut the potatoes into slices so they would dry evenly and rehydrate quicker. They turned out nice and crisp and filled a gallon ziplock over half full.

Has anyone dried cream cheese? I am going to try slicing it and drying the slices. I am going to store the sweet potatoes and cream cheese with a sprig of rosemary, some dried garlic cloves, and some dehydrated butter. Every Thanksgiving we have mashed sweet potatoes with rosemary- a savory dish instead of overly sweet. It's delicious, and another comfort food I love.

Other comfort foods I've also set aside include coffee and chocolate. Then, I thought of the kids and got fruit leather, mac and cheese, and the granola bars that they love.

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