Thursday, July 7, 2011

What About Just Abandoning the Country?

Although Ron Holland of the Daily Bell first says "Create A Domestic Safe-Haven Location: The potential for violence, theft and property destruction in the US dwarfs what could happen in Greece. If you can afford a safe-haven second home away from major cities and high crime locations, then do so. Consider taking advantage of the real estate collapse and buying something you can enjoy in good times and have as insurance for bad times."

He then follows that advice with this statement: "You Will Likely Be Safer Outside the US: In a serious crisis, most of the criminals out to steal your property and do harm to you will come with official government sanction and not from traditional criminal elements. Consider a more secure safe-haven jurisdiction where the rule of law might still prevail with a condo, second citizenship or residency in a nation outside the United States for the duration of the domestic disorder and economic collapse. Remember, currency and government debt collapse is common throughout the world and history shows the difficulties don't last forever. My fear is we haven't seen a world reserve currency collapse before and the aftermath is uncharted waters. I would expect a scenario several magnitudes worse than the 1991 Russian collapse."

Needless to say, the prep for our family for the month of July is passports. We have our forms filled out, our pictures ready, and the fees in hand. Our appointment is July 15th.

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Chief Instructor said...

It's such a hard call. Four or five years ago, my wife and I discussed Costa Rica and certain parts of Mexico. There are significant ex-pat communities in both countries.

I was much more enthusiastic about it than she was (hated it!), so the idea died. Now, SHE's brought it up a couple times lately, and I'm hesitating!

My biggest hang up is guns. You can't have them in most places outside of the US.

My current thinking is to get to more-free states (out of Kalifornia). Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming. My first choice would be Texas, but, like California and Arizona, I worry about the illegal aliens, especially if there's a major breakdown in the federal government.

If the US goes down, everyone else is going down as well, and I fear our borders will be rushed even harder than they are now.

mama4x said...

We went to Costa Rica for 3 weeks on our honeymoon and would love to go back. We are equally willing to take the plunge. CR does have procedures for having guns.
We're in Texas and it's just too damn hot. We are half-heartedly looking at Oregon and Wyoming, but, then again, we are VERY CONCERNED about "criminals out to steal your property and do harm to you will come with official government sanction and not from traditional criminal elements." In most central American countries, it is perfectly normal to have barred windows, concrete homes, and water tanks at each property. Appeals to me!

Chief Instructor said...

Be careful with Oregon. LOTS of former Californian moved up there and the politics are moving decidedly liberal. It's almost a California North.

The eastern part of the state (2/3 of the land mass)is arid and much more rural than the western half. I fish the Deschutes river once and a while, and the folks out there tend to disregard a number of the more Nanny-ish laws imposed by the legislature...