Saturday, July 2, 2011

Checkup on my TO DO List

Just going through my old To-Do lists and seeing how well I'm doing. Although I have the full support of my husband and control of our finances, I'm doing this myself and no one is checking up on me.

To Do:

  1. get more chocolate
  2. plant potatoes-DONE!
  3. get goats
  4. learn to slaughter chickens-DONE!
  5. slaughter chickens
  6. get more hens-DONE!
  7. get more Mel's Mix
  8. make more raised beds
  9. empty storage unit ($100 more month in pocket)-DONE!
  10. get doubles of essential oils
  11. take more crap to Goodwill-DONE!
  12. get more canned milk-DONE!
  13. get more brown sugar and grits
  14. get pump backup for well (even if we're renting)
  15. get more Tattler reusable canning lids

So, not so bad, not so bad... Not even half of the whole list, though. I skipped numbers 7 and 8 when my chickens started harassing my tomatoes. I need to fence in my existing garden. Regarding #10, essential oil doubles, I finished my purchases to now include one of each that I found important, and they are used so slowly I decided to not get duplicates until many other prepping goals are met.

Another of my to-do lists, Continuing Education, Prepper Style, is also in progress. I took the one-day first aid class and was disappointed. Here's the gist of the training:

  1. secure the safety of the scene
  2. call 911
  3. put on personal protective equipment
  4. wait for more knowledgeable help to arrive.
*sigh* What was I expecting. But my Medical Terminology Class has been a blast- incorporating both language and the body, my two favorite subjects. So far on the three tests I've gotten a 96, a 94, and a 89.

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Urbivalist Dan said...

Love the continuing education update. Sounds riveting. :-) Great initiative though--I need to get going on some of my own...


Anonymous said...

Good list. I need to do some of those myself. Think we'll run the "chicken tractors" in the spot for the new raised beds so they can tear out all the grass, eat the weed seeds and bugs, while putting down a nice layer of fertilizer. (At least that's my excuse for why I haven't started them yet. ;-) ).

Laura of