Thursday, May 19, 2011

Huge Mylar Bags

I get 6 gallon Mylar bags from Pleasant Hill Grain. They are $1.23 each.

I put one inside a 5-gallon bucket, put in some diatomaceous earth, a 25# bag of wheat (or whatever), shake it down, add O2 absorbers, and fold the excess over a narrow board. At first I thought the board (nearly 2 inches wide) was too wide, and that I was wasting precious Mylar. But when I trimmed the excess off, I had a nice, nearly inch-wide sealed area on each side of the cut.

I was left with another 3-sided Mylar bag, that, when you cut it in half, are perfect for sealing away smaller amounts of supplies. Above you can see what it looks like if you DON'T cut it in half again. Above it is holding 8 cups of flour.

Waste not, want not!

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