Monday, April 25, 2011

Prioritizing as if it was the Last Days before Collapse!

When I left the complacent ranks of sheeple last January, and made my first prepper purchases (backbacks and Camelbak bladders) last February, the blogs and newsites were screaming- prep like there's no tomorrow! and I felt a few months of panic. Then I figured that was normal, and I calmed down and continued prepping. Now it seems as though "the end is nigh." Silver is through the roof with no signs of slowing. Rawles wrote his Redoubt. Ferfal is writing imminent warning posts, not just answering emails on his blog. Preparedness Pro is about as excited as she can get without inciting panic instead of peace. The IMF. Soros. etc etc etc.

So it all makes me take stock and look three and four times at my prepper budget before I spend. Heck, I made two food orders in the early days of March that aren't here yet! What is the best way to do with what I have?

And at the rate with which I'm eating chocolate while reading these news clips, I need to beef that storage up too! I think I'd rather quit drinking coffee than go without chocolate.

To Do:
  1. get more chocolate
  2. plant potatoes
  3. get goats
  4. learn to slaughter chickens
  5. slaughter chickens
  6. get more hens
  7. get more Mel's Mix
  8. make more raised beds
  9. empty storage unit ($100 more month in pocket)
  10. get doubles of essential oils
  11. take more crap to Goodwill
  12. get more canned milk
  13. get more brown sugar and grits
  14. get pump backup for well (even if we're renting)
  15. get more Tattler reusable canning lids
More To Do coming... continuing education and converting the diesel truck to waste vegetable oil.

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Humble wife said...

I read a blog by a woman in Vegas(I think) that lived off her food storage...she was LDS (Mormon). She said the one thing that they missed was chocolates...excellent to get this! I have a good deal of cocoa because of what she shared.

Lace said...

Get more chocolate is moving to the top of my list as well. I need to check into easter candy and see how deep those discounts are as well.

mama4x said...

Funny how the brilliant ideas are so hard to think of... Easter candy, reduced... doh! Thanks!