Thursday, April 28, 2011

Exciting News regarding our Fuel Costs!

We're converting our diesel truck to run on Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) in May. (Our life follows the cycle of payday.) We have a diesel Ford F-350 with 4 full-size doors, a long bed, and 2 fuel tanks. It's blue- green. It's what I use to drive the kids around in. You should see us. I weigh 115 pounds and the five of us pour out of it after I successfully park that sucker.

Most importantly, WE OWN IT. In May we're installing a heating element into our larger gas tank. It's where the WVO will go. Regular diesel, on which the price has risen nearly $.50 since we bought the truck in February, goes in the rear, and smaller, tank.

The WVO is bought from a guy who picks it up from restaurants. He turns around and sells it, marked up, to feedlots. He's selling it to us for $30 for a 55 gallon drum. Woo-hoo! We, in turn, will let it sit in the garage for 2 weeks. Gravity is one of the very best filters. Then we filter it through a small micron sock-thingy.

Then it goes in the larger tank (on the truck). When we get in the truck and turn it on, we do so with the diesel fuel from the rear tank. The heating element that we installed on the WVO tank begins to heat the oil to 160 degrees. When that point is reached, we can switch to the WVO tank. A few minutes from our destination, we switch tanks again to flush the WVO from the lines.

I am so excited. The WVO tank holds 100 gallons. At 20 miles to the gallon, we would have a range of over 2000 miles on that, not including the diesel tank. The ability to lower our fuel bill substantially, and store a decent reservoir of safe fuel, is really, really appealing and comforting. Did I say I am so excited?!

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