Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Continuing Education... Prepper style!

So I am taking classes under the GI Bill. Another way to make some money, and learn stuff in the process. This semester I took some "fun" classes to get back in the groove of education (it's been a while since I was a student), if you consider Physical Geography and Creative Writing "fun"- at least I learned alot about weather and soil.

It's time to sign up for summer classes. I'm looking at:
  1. first aid (one day)
  2. CPR (one day)
  3. cheese making (one day)
  4. bedside manner for nursing (6 weeks)
  5. medical terminology (11 weeks)
In addition, I'm picking up my .32 this week and I'm trying to organize a CCL class for next month. There seems to be enough interest in the carry class that I can get a good rate from the teacher. The more people I get, the cheaper the class will be.

I asked a friend of mine who's into raw milk if she'd watch my kids for me the day of the cheese-making class if I taught her what I learned, and she was excited to do so!

I need to take Medical Terminology before the EMT Basic class and lab this fall.

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