Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cipro, stat!

I've been watching the Jericho series... I know, late to the prepper party... I'm on Season one, disc two.

Just finished the scene where the husband is revived with mouth-to-mouth by his wife, as his DIL does heart compressions and his two sons look on, aghast. Geez.

Boy oh boy.

One month post Jericho-TEOWAWKI, mindsets are a'changin and things are getting hairy. (But not the people- they're all pretty clean and sparkly. A lady in the grocery store just paid for a package of disposable diapers with a vase.)

Great series so far, the prepper in me had been really pleased with the reality of the show as a whole.

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Humble wife said...

Ok...not to ruin your viewing, but the worst thing about the series is that it ended!!

I know reality is not so much in the show, but it does make one think. I confess that I was amazed at how the portrayal of life goes on was perpetuated. Makes me wonder about humanity, because whenever I watch a sporting event(rare) it is clear the emotions are raw and it is a game...imagine when it is for real.

Enjoy! My kids actually named a kitten Jericho when the series came out on DVD!

elle85 said...

Oh I love that show! I'm so glad there were able to get a season 2 and wrap it up.