Friday, March 18, 2011

What Stress Looks Like Here

What do these pictures have in common? Me. That's how I roll I guess.

About a week before the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear catastrophes, I was having a pretty bad day. I think my stress (the economy and silver prices and my seedlings freezing and the news and Arkansas earthquake and meeting my sister's fiancee and my classes and an article I read that said kids would rather starve than eat strange foods) all added up and I went a little loco, even though I've been doing more this month for our preps that I have in a long time, with packages coming nearly every day, but "it's never enough." Always another hole to fill! Another concern about mindset or physical ability.

I bleached out a chunk of my hair and dyed a blue streak in it. I spent $40 on a collection of "old lady" lotions and potions because my skin is looking like my mom's more each day. I had two glasses of wine back-to-back and then yesterday I got a tattoo. It's been one of the ones I've planned on getting, and I've always loved this verse (she looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness) but it wasn't until I was in the car leaving that I thought it does relate to prepping, sorta. But that's not why I got it!!

None of this has to do with prepping really but I wanted to let you know.

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