Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Test Driving the New Sleeping Bags

Last night, my four kids slept outside alone. They hooked a tarp up between two of the big city trashcans and the two corners of the truck bed, making a roof. They spread another tarp on the grass and put their new sleeping bags in the middle.

My husband and I were skeptical as to how long it would last, and when they would come in for the night. But at ten I went out to check on them and all four of them were fast asleep.

I got 6 sleeping bags from the Epicenter.com, on sale for $22 each. I went to look them up to link for you, and they were gone. They were on sale, maybe I got the last ones for a while!

They are British military surplus. They are dark green, nylon inside and on top and poncho-style plastic on the bottom. They are down-filled. They have a hoodie shaped thing, not really a pillow, at the top. The zipper is on the inside and the foot area is square. They have three big buttons to help cinch it up for compressing- one about at the ankles, one in the middle, and one right below the shoulder height. They get wider at the shoulder.

They are warm and cozy. You really have to compress them but when they're rolled up they tuck into a duffle bag -shaped cover (that is connected), and buckle shut with two more buttons, and end up seeming pretty moisture- resistant. The duffle-shaped cover is made of the same poncho material and has a carrying strap incorporated.

They're lined up at the foot of a closet now. They are so well-packaged when rolled up that even my three-year-old can carry his. I really like them... and second best of all, I got to put six big checkmarks on my prepper to-do list!

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