Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mel's Mix

Have you done the Square Foot Gardening? We got the 3 kinds of dirt that Mel (the author of Square Foot Gardening) tells you to go get. It was $134 for 2 cubes of peat moss, 4 bags of compost, and 2 bags of vermiculite. Here's a picture of the 3 kinds of soil before my husband mixed them:
Left- compost; bottom middle- peat moss; splash of white- vermiculite.

Here are the two beds, right outside the back door, with the tarp ready for mixing soil in front. At the corners of each bed we are putting a large (10 gal?) pot with a plant such as blackberry, zucchini, or tomato.

I got some seedlings at the store but I'm also starting some plants myself. Looking forward to more gardening practice this year! Hopefully this year we can garden through the winter, last year was shot when our house got flooded. For more about that, click "Hermine" in the side bar.

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