Sunday, March 6, 2011

First week of March: preps

Tonight it crossed my mind to make bread! I didn't do it, but it rarely crosses my mind to do that, so I guess that is the first step, right?!

Tonight I actually did make black beans and rice for dinner. I made refried beans and rice for dinner last week! So I am doing better. In addition, my picky eater tried dried mangoes and liked them. After much drama, he tried rice with butter and LIKED it!! woo-hoo!!

I ordered a pound of dried butter from Walton Feed. Paid as much for shipping as I did for the dang butter. (I wanted to try it before I committed to buying a 50# bag to the tune of $277.) I'll tell you what I think when I reconstitute it.

I bought a bunch of seedlings- 3 kinds of tomatoes, 2 kinds of peppers, peas, zuchinni, 2 blackberry bushes. I checked the weather for last night and it wasn't going to freeze- I left them in the yard- and everything except the peas and the blackberries froze. *sigh* That is why we start now, right? But we did get enough of Mel's Mix (from All New Square Foot Gardening, Second Edition: The Revolutionary Way to Grow More In Less Space) to fill our 2 raised beds- 3 X 7 each. Worth the $134 since it won't get washed away by a flood here! I love his method since you don't spend years amending your existing soil.

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