Friday, February 25, 2011

World Going nuts as I prep

Man, oh man! Times have been going crazy lately, huh?!

I see I haven't posted since February 13th! If you look forward to news, sorry... I've been prepping and planning for all I'm worth. I feel so satisfied to see things knocked off my list one by one by one!

Azure Standard is my new favorite place to buy 25# bags of beans- they sell so many kinds! Variety is the spice of life- and success. I made some refried beans the other day with dehydrated onions and they turned out delicious. My husband, who is usually the chef in our family, actually liked them ((wow)). Anyway, back to Azure Standard. They have a driving dropoff route through the south and midwest. I can't find a route list anywhere. They have a lot of organic and bulk items. I love them so far. Cheap canning jars, bulk beans, sprouting seeds...! I got one bag each of the beans and a bag each of corn and popcorn. Then I thought about it and got another bag of each kinds of corn. Never know, with prices and the world the way it is.

I've spent a lot of time honing and perfecting my Amazon wishlist, comparing prices and trying to search for items from the same vendor to reduce shipping. I think I'm ready to make my order. I've been focusing on medical / first aid supplies, and my favorite vender on Amazon is MedVetInternational. I like their:
  1. cotton balls
  2. porous tape
  3. cohesive tape
  4. absorbent underpads
  5. 4X4 gauze squares
  6. scalpels
  7. skin staplers
  8. irrigation syringes
  9. teaching sutures- needle and sutures, asst
  10. cast plaster and padding
I'm very excited about some of the books on my list too. I'm always excited about books though. (On a related topic, we are unpacking books here at the rental and are nearly done... or so we thought, because we have another 12 boxes in the storage unit.)

The other thing I have been thinking about is going back to the LDS storehouse near me and getting some more wheat. Part of me thinks I have "enough" (I don't make my own bread yet) but the other part of me says that for another $35 I can have another 125#. It doesn't go bad, stored properly. I guess, since I'm going in for more 12x15 Mylar bags, I should just get some anyway.

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