Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tomato Drying Tip

I have been drying the large Costco-sized cans of diced tomatoes. I spread them out evenly the first time and they dried to a supercrisp and were nearly impossible to chip off the dehydrator trays. Since then I have been superloading only 2 of the trays with the entire huge can of tomatoes. Then when they dry they look like this:

You can see how spread out they are, although when first filled, it was packed in as densely as possible. You can imagine, seeing as how tomatoes are mostly water! Anyway, they are much easier to break off this way. When I have dried 3 cans, I take the pieces to a friend's and she grinds them all up in her crazy blender. It makes about 3 cups tomato powder. Perfect for sauce or flavoring when rehydrated.

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