Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Prepper FAIL

Well, here is another "procrastination and its consequences" post.

My Monday "to do" list had this on it:

3. Bring 3 15-gal water containers from flooded house to rental house

Because of whatever multitude of reasons, it didn't happen. Aaand this week has been bitterly cold weather, even in Texas. Aaand the well pump froze.... Aaand we had no water all morning. At least the rolling blackouts haven't hit us (yet) we were able to defrost the pump head with an electric space heater. So now we have water again.

"How can we have all that (preps) upstairs and no water?!" my husband says.

I know. Even after my challenge to y'all a while back (HERE) I didn't have the financial resources to get a 55 gal or 275 gal water container. But I did have the 3 15-gal containers, but they are *NO GOOD* empty. So procrastination, and an "it won't happen to us" mindset strikes again.

But HEY!! The VA decided in our favor and awarded my husband 90% disability! So he's crazy, and I'm not, we got backpay for all sorts of things and now a monthly income. We're also both students under the GI Bill and are getting some stipend from that. So no more "unemployment" for us, we're "students." Heh-heh, and moolah for preps! And for our CCL!

And for some water containers. Obviously.

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