Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Well, blogfolks.

I hate to write when there isn't much to say, so here's the compilation post of all the little things that have crossed my mind in the past few weeks but aren't worthy of your attention by themselves.
  1. I used my dryer lint and a melted candle to make little "sternos." It was easy and it burned nice when I tried it. Dries hard and no mess! (post coming)
  2. I tried to prime a new Black Berkey element and it has a crack in it- trying to return it, but haven't gotten a callback yet.
  3. Got a new sewing machine from a pawnshop to replace my flood-ruined one. I have a stack of mending to do now!
  4. Reorganizing the pantry, again. New shelves in there and room to do so!
  5. Bought 6 gallons of water for short-term use in the next hard freeze or power outage.
  6. Super excited about upcoming medical supplies purchase. Finally getting Ferfal's book too!
  7. Ironed some Mylar bags shut finally. Finally!
  8. Ordered a microscope for homeschooling. Looking forward to seeing what it can do for preps/ medical purposes.
  9. my 6 chickens are giving me 5 eggs a day!!
  10. paid off 2 debts off my credit report to ready it for a pre-qual letter so we can buy a farm
  11. bought a diesel truck with seat belts for all 6 of us. Looking for a veg. oil supplier.
  12. now that we have a monthly income, I am calling my local Craigslist water barrel supplier and setting up a monthly purchase from him to get my water storage settled.
  13. I set aside money for my husband and I to both take the concealed carry class and get the licenses. He's trying to get a gun that belonged to his father from his BIL and I'm looking for a good deal, then we'll be set!

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Lace said...

Sounds like you've been really productive lately! I would love to see your lint/wax receipe.