Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goals for 2011

Read over at TEOTWAWKI blog a post about how to make goals well. So here's mine....
  1. organize all my foodstuffs to match my plan on paper by March 1
  2. DONE 5/18/11
  3. get the immunizations req'd for EMT course this summer by April 1

  4. take the EMT basic course at the community college this summer
  6. get my CCL by April 1
  7. GOT MY .32 ON 5/15/11
  8. begin going to the range 1x per month

  9. start making bread at least weekly
  10. MADE BREAD 1ST TIME 5/20/11
  11. start having beans and rice at least weekly
  13. begin incorporating sprouts into our diet

  14. aquire minimum of 4 275-gal water cubes
  15. GOT FIRST 5/4/11
  16. become proficient getting everything for free at CVS

  17. find a 1 acre, well, metal roof property by July 1st and buy it

  18. attempt to save seeds from my veggies
  20. diversify my bean storage through Azure Standard foods orders
  21. DONE 3/9/11
  22. get all dental work done

so pleased you are reading Farming Salt & Light! Choose how you live!


Lee said...

Great goals! How do you get everything free at cvs?

mama4x said...

1. have a printer & subscribe to a coupon stacking email list like Krazy Koupon Lady
2. use manufacturer coupons + store coupons+ sale price
3. buy things you don't need for free (using #2 above) in order to earn CVS bucks
4. Utilize rainchecks so you have time to get the coupons that match sales
5. utilize rebates
6. get multiple coupon inserts (many ways to do this)

Preparedness Pro has a coupon class that is really helpful.

Lee said...

Thanks! I will check it out.

suek said...


Most coupons I see are for foods I don't use - they don't usually give coupons for basic stuff. So I don't generally use coupons. Soooo...this: <<3. buy things you don't need for free (using #2 above) in order to earn CVS bucks>> makes absolutely no sense to me. Can you elaborate a bit??? Help me out here???

You all seem so far ahead of me...but you _have_ made me think - of goals. So...
1. Organize my garage
2. Help my daughter move out of the area (transfer) and then...
3. Use my new storage shed (which my daughter will be using temporarily) to clear out my storage room that I pay for, and _get stuff sold or given away!_ Which in turn will...
Help me organize my garage!

I feel like "This is the house that Jack built..."!