Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For Free at CVS?!

I wanted to give a better explanation of what I meant when I said, in my goals for 2011 post, "become proficient at getting everything for free at CVS." After you lay out an initial $20 or so, the freebees start rolling over and you don't spend barely any real money after that.

It's complicated, and others say it better, so here's the link from Money Saving Mom. She calls it CVS 101 and it lays out for you, step by step, how it works. The only comment I have is that now you can spend $.99 for a green leaf keychain thing and get cashback for using your own bag when you shop there.

My brother and his wife both have cards and they have rubbermaid totes full of toiletries. They donate bags of stuff to their food bank every month. Why buy something you don't need or use? Preparedness Pro, who teaches a coupon class (worth it, I took it) puts it this way: If you would accept this item if it was free or for a quarter, would you take it? I don't buy nail polish or dog treats, but I wouldn't turn them down if they were free.

This week at CVS, for instance, if you buy $20 of Maalox you get $10 in CVS bucks. There is a coupon out there for $5 off a Maalox. So you get 4 Maalox for free and $10 back. Preppers may like the idea of 4 Maalox, or they can give it to Grandpa or the food bank. Then you use your $10 to buy q-tips or other things you want and need and can never get coupons for. My brother occasionally returns things, unopened of course, for a store credit, especially when you get multiples of the same things.

Preppers don't like the idea of 'the man' having a record of what you've bought at the store. At CVS you have to get a card. I've heard of people putting fake info. You have to determine yourself the pros and cons. My BIL and SIL get emails with serious coupons all the time in their inbox. In addition, there is a kiosk in the store that you can print coupons out of each time you go in.

One caveat though, this program only works completely amazing if you have a computer printer and multiple copies of the coupon inserts. There are many ways to get free inserts if you think about it. If you subscribe to Krazy Coupon Lady and she'll send you links to the online coupons and tell you sales that coincide with recent coupons.

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suek said...

Re: free coupons

I haven't done this - haven't felt the need yet - but our local grocery stores send out flyers every week and often have offers that require coupons, which they include in their mailed out flyers, but are _not_ included in their store flyers which are otherwise the same for the week. I've noticed that our local small post office has a trash can right next to a writing table, and on the day of and day after the flyers are sent out, the trash is _full_ of flyers.

Maybe someone interested should help themselves...!

David said...

Terre at does the same thing as the coupon lady, but it's free! I have used her links to buy $400.00 of groceries and assorted other items and walked out of the store after paying only $35.00. This is great for us thrifty (poor) preppers.

mama4x said...

Krazy coupon lady is free too!