Friday, December 17, 2010

No Coin for this Winner

This is a continuation of some posts I'm doing describing my excellent winnings from the contest I won at Survivalist Blog a while back.

Part of my winnings was a case of Mountain House food (6 10# cans). Wow! I was so excited. I didn't want them to just send me whatever, so first thing I called Ready Made Resources, the company that sponsored the prize, and asked them what it included and if I could choose.

First off, they answered the phone on the second ring- a real person! It was a friendly guy who was a great help. He said they normally send a case of Chicken a la King, but I could switch out anything I wanted, so long as it was of equal value, or I could pay the difference. I think the total value was about $145. Cool! I was excited and just jumping all over their website. Right as I decided to get a case of dehydrated butter, I realized that I had to stick to Mountain House.

Dang it! I looked and looked and got grumpy. I had read a few reviews of Mountain House and was convinced I shouldn't get anything with pasta in it. All I could find that wasn't Chicken a la King or noodle-based was dried peas. So I went nuts and got one can of clam chowder and 5 cans of dried peas. (Must be something with me and dried peas, I won a can of them from Preparedness Pro too!)

Here's where I felt a little gypped. All over the website was a notice that if you got a full case, you would get a free silver ounce coin. The guy who took my order was really kind and attentive and also answered the phone in person, on the first ring, but he did not give me a free coin.

I'm sure that if you were a "Paying customer" that you would have gotten your free coin. And they did answer, in person, quickly. They were great all around but I wouldv'e loved that silver!

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