Sunday, December 12, 2010



Going on the one gallon/one day/one person rule of thumb, my family of 6 needs 42 gallons of water for one week. (I won a 2.5 gallon Berkey that sits on my kitchen counter, so I know we use less for drinking/cooking, so I'm hoping that on tough rations 6 gallons a day would do us well.) If I round up a little and for simplicity's sake, I just count a 55 gallon drum for one week.

Now, water is way more important than food, survival-wise, so my goal is to have 4 275 gallon cubes under my deck. In addition, a 55 gallon drum easily accesible in the garage, and 3 15-gallon totes for easy grab-n-go. Then I would have over 5 months of rationable water.

I challenge all of you to get on your local Craigslist and find someone who is selling 55 gallon drums. Whether it has a locking lid or 2 bungs, get at least one. Next time you're at the pet store or the hardware store you can get some plastic tubing to siphon the water out.

Bonus points to anyone who gets a 275 gallon cube!!

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