Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hubbies and Wives

Many people began prepping to help keep their kids safe. Many blogs are out there written by moms and are focused on prepping as a mother.

Well, I'm not only a mother of four, I'm a wife. And one thing I don't want to see is my husband injured or desperate because he took part in a mob trying to provide for us. While I don't see him fighting crowds to get a bag of rice provided by the UN, I can envision him in a store that is being restocked/ransacked during a government price control shopping experience. For you men, usually the woman is the one getting things at the store, and frequently she has the kids with her. You don't want her in that situation either.

How easy it is to do what we can to prevent that from happening by preparing what we can now.
I feel good about my food storage. I need to beef up my water supplies. I am going to change my focus to building up a 6 months supply of dry supplies like clothes soap, dish soap, TP, shampoo, flossers and lotion. How about you?

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suek said...

You said on an earlier post that you had recently had problems due to you have to do something to plan for that eventuality again in the future??

mama4x said...

Yes, we are moving. We're hoping to get more land and, of course, not be in a flood plain. I'm excited about our own well and room for the chickens to have a run and not a little coop.