Sunday, December 19, 2010

Four is Three and One is Zero!

I have been writing posts about my prize winnings from Survivalist Blog's writing contest. (I took my entry and made it into a nav bar page. Click "Print this" (above) to read it and print it for your family and friends!)

Here's an excerpt from it to intro into today's post, and an example. "Another important principle of prepping is having redundant systems. It means that if you only have one water bottle, and it gets shattered, then you have none. If you have 2, though, and one leaks, then you still have one. So, now you'll understand when you see the phrase "One is none, two is one, three is two.""

I wrote about my Ultimate Seed Vault. It was huge and came in 2 shipping boxes. The seeds themselves came in 2 ammo cases. I don't know about you, but when I don't have any money to add to my preps, I mess around organizing my existing preps and making lists and reading blogs. Well one day I was drooling over this seed bank and saw that there were a lot of repeated seeds, ie., quite an assortment of tomatoes, a couple of kinds of radishes, a few varieties of lettuces. I started to sort them out and came up with 5 piles:

  1. a stack of herbs
  2. a stack of sprouting seeds (to eat raw)
  3. a generous pile of summer and winter vegetable seeds
  4. a second pile nearly identical to #3
  5. a good but less rounded pile (like #3 and 4)

So, now, just because I took a long hard look at what I had, and spent a little time and effort sorting them, I now have redundant systems. I have 2 excellent supplies of summer and winter vegetables. I have one fair supply of summer and winter vegetables. And don't forget the stack of herbs and the sprouts!

The best part of this is that from my own preps I have an expanse of summer and winter vegetable seeds that I've accumulated myself. So now I have 4 sets of seeds!

Redundant systems! Redundant systems!

Tomorrow I will write about my redundant supplies bucket. Woo hoo, you can't wait can you!

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