Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Crucial Printouts

In many places online you will find suggestions and instructions, recipes, procedures, diagrams, etc that you will bookmark and return to. But what if you couldn't access that computer, or the grid was down? The info you needed for that time would be impossible to reach.

I suggest that your printouts are personally catered to your family and your situation. It will minimize the amount of printouts and be more helpful. However, if you are planning on the manual to be for unprepared people, you might want to add in some other info that they may not know.

What are my crucial printouts in my supply bucket? Funny you should ask.

  1. cream of tartar/ baking soda recipe
  2. basic (but good!) bread, muffin, pancake, etc recipes
  3. hypochlorite recipes (water disinfection & bleach strength)
  4. homemade gravity-fed (Berkey) H2O filter diagram
  5. planting dates for geographical area
  6. solar cooking options and directions/diagrams
  7. how to "catch" yeast

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kdonat said...

Excellent suggestion! My compilation of basics has evolved into 3 books, 12 folders, and a stack of the latest additions. Although great for reference, a "Bucket Binder" or "Basics Bucket List" would be better. Thanks for your crucial list.

suek said...

Since you shop at Costco...are you aware that they have plastic page covers for a decent price? About $12 for 100, I think.

And the nice thing about them - in addition to the fact that they give good protection to paper pages - is that they also provide the holes to make filing them in notebooks (also available at a decent price) easier. _And_ you can either file them as single pages or as multiple pages on a single topic.

mama4x said...

Suek, I discovered those plastic protectors when my 7 year old was a baby- I got 500 for Christmas and filled them up pretty quickly and went back for more. I have a "problem" with organizing and filing! I love them. If you tape the top shut with packing tape they are nearly water proof.