Monday, December 13, 2010

At the Checkout with Preps

I was reading a fun post (I love the comments as much!) at MD Creekmore's Survivalist Blog. I thought I'd share with you the two interactions I've had at the store when I'm at the checkout with my preps, and a few other comments I've fielded from friends.

Once I was buying a 25# bag of flour, a lot of yeast packets, a case of canned milk, and a 25# bag of sugar. Of course, it's easier to "get away" with buying similar items... when the checker asked if I had a restaurant, I just told her we were preparing to go to a cookie swap.

Another time I was checking out with a whole bunch of items from the first aid aisle- rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, bandages, etc, etc. The teenager kept scanning the items through with this look on his face. I volunteered that my son's scout troop was learning about first aid and these were the supplies to make each of the boys a first aid kit.

When my house flooded, there were bins of food taken out of ruined cabinets. A few people said something, and I just responded "It looks like so much out of the pantry, doesn't it! Four kids eat a lot!"

Although I haven't gotten any questions about it, I was thinking about what I'd say if the neighbor asked why I had a bright blue 55-gallon barrel in my garage. I'd tell her that we had been thinking of being foster parents, and one of the requirements was to have a few day's water on hand. I'd agree with her about its ugliness and the hoops they require us to jump through. She doesn't have to know that it's full of Mylar-ed food!
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