Monday, November 1, 2010

You Know You're a Prepper If...

It happened to me this morning. I've read about your experiences like this too. You know you're a prepper if...

You are in the bathroom one morning and the light goes out. The hum of the AC drones away and you enjoy the silence of an electricity-free home. This house frequently has the electricity go out for an hour or so, so there wasn't any real reaction.

I couldn't see clearly in the kitchen so I touched the side of the coffee pot- yes! Someone else had turned the pot on and it was sitting there, hot and fresh, waiting. As I poured a cup, the sirens started.

This noise alone is not something for alarm at this location. There is a police station about a mile from here. But this morning I wondered, because it was so close on the heels of the power outage. How ready was I?!

How ready are we?! National Inflation Association put out their long-awaited video last night. It's not breathtaking, but it's good- ticks in at about an hour and a half. It's called "End of Liberty."

I've always said the only thing that could make me leave the US was if homeschooling became illegal. Well I think I will go if Senate Bill s510 passes. What are your thoughts?

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