Friday, November 5, 2010

Heavy Heart

Here are a few things tumbling around my head:

REAL lifespan of canned (tin) goods

Well as you've heard QE2 is here. I just don't know how they can't see what this is going to do. Or how they think it's not going to affect them and theirs. You can just hear the presses rolling now!

Tomorrow morning I'm going over to the local LDS food storehouse and see what the price of sugar and wheat are...

So many new articles linked to from prepper blogs about solar flares, EMP, hyperinflation, "time is up" attitudes. The scariest article I read: the gist was "terrorist nuke causes EMP over Kansas which shuts down America, we all (non-prepared) die off or kill each other; then China invades what's left and easily conquers."


Our own situation here is still in limbo. It looks like we are going back to our rental which was flooded in September. It's all clean and nice again (well, inside at least, the yard is trashed) with an expanded laundry room and updated kitchen. The fence will be extended 20 feet further back than it was previously. It won't be ready until the first week of December. My husband is still unemployed. Now with the news it feels pretty grim.

I'm going to create a post listing NIA's projections for food prices. Of course, they say these prices will be reached within the next 5-10 years.

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