Tuesday, November 16, 2010

EMP Video

Here's a great video by National Geographic about the effects of solar or nuclear EMP on our nation. Wow. Just finished it just now... catastrophic.

My first thought was "Water. Do you have enough water!"

My second thought was "If it's solar, at least we'll have 3 days notice, *if* NASA tells us." Evidently, the visual blast of a coronal mass ejection hits the earth in 8 minutes, the photon blast which causes EMP takes 3 days. So you can fill every freakin' vessel with water. If they tell us.

I have to say, my husband and I discussed what we'd do if we were given some sort of notice that it was the day, the hour... the official announcement that the SHTF... we'd hunker down. We'd say "time!" We wouldn't run out for another bag of wheat, another pack of batteries, another gallon of water or a can of propane. We'd lock up the door and circle the wagons. All we'd do is make concrete plans with the family locally.

But man. The food thing is just too hard. No one seems to have any food on hand. If you could hunker down for a month straight and not interact, just "disappear" from play, it seems like everyone would die off. You'd think. And you could go on... unless China decides to invade at that point. Bleak bleak bleak.

Think of the internet at the moment that a nuclear EMP went off. All the Americans would just fall off the web at the same moment. You know all the people who sponsor a child in a third world country? All that aid would cease, and imagine how that would effect those millions of families too. All the subs and aircraft carriers would be fine, if they were out of range. All of the military stationed in other nations would be fine. However, no one could reach the President for decisions. Unless of course he made it to a fortified underground bunker. I can just see Obama hoofing it a hundred miles out of DC on foot!

I hope they have a plan for defending our borders from invasion if this happens.

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Keri said...

Very very interesting video. Thanks for sharing!