Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Prize Winnings!!

If you recall, I won the article contest over at The Survivalist Blog. My article is called "Principles and Procedures Of Prepping." Here's why I wrote it:

"I created this article as the one-chance, first- or last-ditch attempt to teach someone about the basics of prepping. For many of us, we stand alone in the prepping arena, and are desperate to share our knowledge with others without seeming nuts or outrageous." I wrote about the Rule of 3 and the importance of Redundant Systems. It was pretty good, you can print it out and give it to friends or all your neighbors.

Well, the prizes ($1200 value in all!!) have begun to arrive in the mail. It's really exciting. The first three boxes were the "ultimate seed vault" from The Emergency Seed Bank. Mine consisted of TWO ammo boxes full of packets of seed ranging from .5 grams to 5 oz bags- more than 70 packets of vegetable and herb seed! IN ADDITION, I received a 450 gram bag of sunflower seed for sprouting, and FOUR 10# cans of sprouting seed: buckwheat, soybean, red wheat, and green peas! The packets at first seem very lightweight and nearly empty, but I opened one and it had a generous few teaspoons of tomato seeds in it.

Today the package came from Directive 21. Wow. The Big Berkey really is as shiny and wonderful as it seems online. It had two fat black filters and I primed them and put the spigot on the base, and filled it up. After priming, the water just seeped through pretty quickly. Since Tropical Storm Hermine flooded my house, we've been staying across town with my parents. They are on a well- great for many reasons. But, they don't have a water filter... the water, especially when it's all confined in the shower stall, smells like sulpher and brimstone. Now we don't have to drink it- the Berkey is so pretty on the counter with the stainless steel fridge nearby. The Berkey filters were one of my first prepper purchases. I got the plans for making the tower system out of 5-gallon buckets online and never planned on buying the pretty shiny set... but here it is! Gorgeous!
More prize announcements coming as they arrive!

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WOW! That's exciting. I'm happy for you and on my way to reading your article!