Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prepping Epiphanies

I had some prepping epiphanies this weekend... I'd like to share them with you:

- I packed some beans in 25# Mylar bags... I regretted putting an entire bag of pintos in after I sealed it up. At the local LDS store I can get black, white, or pinto beans in 25# bags. At the store I can get 1-2 pound bags of limas, lentils, split peas, kidneys, etc. I thought about how bored we'd get working our way through a 25# bucket of the same ol' same ol' so I decided from now on to divide the beans up, one fourth each kind of bulk beans, and one or two pounds each of the grocery store beans. Same 25# bag, big diversity.

- I grew up with cherry pies at special occasions, maybe an occasional key-lime. I married my husband and his family does pecan pie, and as an adult I really enjoy pumpkin pie. I thought about making pie crusts with my mom as a kid, and thought about how easy it would be to throw a can or two of pie filling in each 25# bucket of wheat. What a treat it would be to find makin's for pie when you have to cook from your stash!

- I've seen a lot recently on prepper blogs about hiding your stash from the "authorities" or whatever SHTF food-round-up your imagination provides. I know everyone doesn't have the basement or whatever that easily lends itself to a secret room. But nearly everyone has a master bedroom closet. If you put all your food preps into plastic buckets to absolutely ensure that no critters would get to it, you could stack buckets about 7 high, at least 3 or 4 stacks wide, and install a sheetrock wall in front of it. You'd lose about 18 inches of closet depth, but gain peace of mind.

- The other thing I thought of in relation to food storage... putting some Nestle chocolate and/ or strawberry flavor mix in a ziplock bag, and putting it in with the dried milk (in a Mylar bag). Preparedness Pro says that if you mix the milk powder with water the day before, it's much more palatable. I imagine flavoring (ooh- vitamins and minerals!) could only improve it further.

- I've never mentioned the Eddie Eagle program by the NRA. It's a gun safety program for kids similar to the "stop, drop, and roll" fire safety program. You can call the NRA and order a sample and use it for your family, or get a free set for a group if you go through the police station, library, or school.

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