Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is a Solar EMP Inevitable?

Thanks to Lisa over at Survival Mom for allowing me to be a guest poster. Read my article, "is solar EMP inevitable?" over there today and leave a comment!

It may be of interest for those wanting more information but the National Geographic Channel will be showing a program entitled "The Electrical Armageddon" this Saturday, October 9th at 11 am eastern time. I watched a short clip of the program of the NatGeo's website (TV listings tab). I believe it relates more to an EMP attack but some of the effects from a large solar flare will be similar. -from Molly M

Additionally, I found this long, technical (but readable) and informative article detailing the Russian 1962 aerial detonation of a nuclear weapon, and it's effect on the local technology. Keep scanning and scrolling downward. It discusses the 1989 Canadian outage and is really helpful.

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Keri said...

I read your article about Solar EMP over at Survival Mom. Its very interesting. Ever since I watched the move 2012, I've started reading more about Solar EMP. It may not cause the things that happened in the movie, but it is quite interesting what could happen. I've recently starting collecting information about what to do in case and just how to survive if something does happen. I asked my husband a while back what he though about the whole surviving and being prepared thing. He's all for it. I think i'll get him to read the article too. Very interesting and informative article.