Wednesday, September 1, 2010

High Probability/ High Impact

I am the big prepper in our family, and my husband listens to my verbal thought processes and trusts my judgement. So, many times, I will learn something, mull on it, and go to him for feedback. Recently, I was running some purchases/ ideas/ epiphanies past him in the car. Once I said one out loud, it made me think...

So NASA says the solar cycle is coming up, when the sun shoots out electro-magnetic pulses. They don't hurt people, but render electronics into heavy paperweights. This next cycle will be the first one we will experience with the electronic, linked-up, logged-in lifestyle we lead. The first little inkling of the solar cycle occured in the beginning of August. They expect it to peak and subside by 2012-2013.

However, from what I understand, (please educate me in comments if you know more!) the first big "storm" will knock out pretty much everything we use and depend on each day- cars, computers, cash registers, ATMs, city water, etc. And it will wipe out the back-up devices we usually turn to also, such as generators and deposit boxes.

IN ADDITION, there will be solar flares for an undetermined time period- so having key pieces of your SHTF equipment in a homemade Faraday won't work... unless you keep them under wraps till you are sure the solar cycle is over.

Let me interrupt this monologue with an aside.

I worked for the NSA, I am a right-wing conservative Christian, I am a prepper. So some would say that I am a paranoid conspiracy theorist anyway. But setting aside scenarios like Armageddon, nuclear annihilation, the Mayan calendar, and zombies... it seems like science, cold and objective, says that TEOTWAWKI is on its way in the form of some vitamin D. Thoughts?

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suek said...

Whatever the effects may be...this may be of interest to you...

suek said...

Check out EMP info. Same same.