Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This is what I said earlier... forget about maybe a nuclear EMP maliciously detonated above the country, the more certain problem is the real "Y2K" that is coming in 2013. The Sun's magnetic energy cycle touches its highest level in every 22 years and the number of sun spots, or flares, reach its peak every 11 years. These two events will take place together in 2013 to produce huge levels of radiation.

The National Inflation Association says that inflation, even hyperinflation, is a near-certainty in the next 5-10 years. This translates to buy commodities (not stock in commodities, but actual food and supplies) NOW, as much as you can, before prices rise daily. Read this excellent dialog explaining it clearly.

Couple the near-certain failure of the electricity grid and the simultaneous frying of all electronics, with the social and economic catastrophe of hyperinflation and you have a dismal near future if you're not prepared.
  1. Banks will lose all records and will not know what loans they have, nor where to collect them, or have the communication skills to organize the collection of them. (this is a good thing!)
  2. Electronic bank balances will disappear and people will be left with the money they have on them, usually paper.
  3. Legitimate attempts to go to banks to get the contents of your security boxes will precipitate encounters with those going to merely harvest what they can find.
  4. Anyone with preps should lay low while the initial chaos strikes those who realize that they don't have any supplies (mainly food and water; they won't realize the extent of their situation at first). Many will take what they can, many will die in the struggle.
  5. As people realize that nothing will be produced any more (such as Tylenol, sheets, string cheese) they will go into scavange and hoard mode.

Now, as I said in my earlier post on this same topic, I am just a stay-at-home mama, prepping for all I'm worth, who doesn't know everything there is to know about astronomy, economics, or psychology of a collapse.

I'm trying to educate myself as best I can using the tools I have. I read about hyperinflation in other countries (such as Germany, Zimbabwe). Please read this dialog that makes it really easy to understand, and has some good examples from history.

I read about the effects of an EMP (solar or nuclear- same result) on computers, cars, and electricity. Seriously, what makes our society the way that it is? Electricity to run our computers and charge our iPods and iPhones. Cars to get places. Trucks to deliver computers to stores, where they sit in A/C and are sold via electronic funds transfers on an electric cash register. If all that is fried, life as we know it will have ceased.

I was fearful back in February when I learned about prepping for the first time. I felt like surely, "it" was going to happen tomorrow, before I got started, and I'd be out of luck. Now I understand the necessity of prepping as each day allows, prioritizing, and not acting out of fear, but from a position of information. That's why a solar storm in our near future makes me want to prep all the more. The zombie preppers and TEOTWAWKI preppers and doomsday primitive blacksmithing preppers suddenly seem less nuts!

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TheSurvivalMom said...

I don't think this is over-the-top thinking at all. I wasn't aware of 2013 being a key date in regard to solar activity. That's a good thing to be aware of. I feel sorry for those who choose to remain unaware of how fragile our way of life is, but at the same time, they'll likely be the ones I'll have to guard against when it all hits the fan.

Thanks for writing an informative post and trying to jolt everyone into this new reality.