Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Write your Senator!

Ferfal over at Surviving Argentina wrote What really kills you... and it was very informative.

Google Senate Bill s510 and learn about it. Do you live in a state that is a co-sponsor to this bill? Write you snators and tell them how heinous this bill is.

Many preppers grow or are learning how to grow their own fruits and veggies to become more self-sustainable. (Have you seen the URL for this blog, by the way?) How are you going to grow your own salad greens, or pass some tomatoes to your neighbor, much less have some chickens or other livestock if this sucker gets passed? Educate yourself, email friends and family in the states that are co-sponsoring this bill, get the word out. It gives the go-go-gadget arm of government the power over your most desperate attempt to feed your family.

We're so pleased you are reading Farming Salt & Light! Choose how you live!

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suek said...

This site has some good links for info about the bill.